Washingtonians for a Responsible Future

Your Story, Your Power

This short video works to capture our collective experiences as family caregivers. For others to fully understand what happens when we care for our aging loved ones, they need to hear firsthand from us about the hard work and love that goes into being a family caregiver.    

This year we are going to introduce a piece of legislation that tells our state lawmakers that it is time to put the cost of long-term supports and services on their agenda. But in order for this to happen, they need to hear from you.

No matter how long-term services and supports has impacted your life, your story matters. Whether you help your aging loved ones full time and have left work or if you spend a few hours a week helping with doctors appointments you are a family caregiver and your story matters! If you have spent down your life savings to afford long-term supports and services, your story matters. Now is the time to share your story!