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I had to quit my job

Ann Bredice, Seattle

Ann Bredice


Ann Bredice- Mother with friend

Ann’s mother dancing with a family friend


“My name is Ann and I took care of my mother who had a slow declining dementia for 15 years. I was able to work and maintain for many years with help from a day program. The rest of her care, bathing, cooking, and all the day to day needs were up to me. I was raising two daughters at the same time. Eventually, I had to move into my mother’s home with my family. Eventually I was able to receive some pay from the state’s aging services, which helped our family. The pay was not comparable to all of the hours I worked, but it kept mom at home. I did have to quit my job to care for my mother until she passed away. I felt lucky that she got to be with her family for her last days. I am not sure what we would have done otherwise.

-Ann Bredice, Seattle