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Caring for a Sister

Lee Buxton, Gig Harbor


Lee and her sister have been together for a long time



“I take care of my 60-yr old high functioning special needs sister. I am 58. She lives with my husband, two little dogs, and me. Laura is capable of doing many things for herself with monitoring and input from us, but it leaves little time for us to take care of ourselves. I got so frustrated last year I made a call to see what the cost would be for me to pay for in-home help. This is when I found out about short-term care from Medicaid. The biggest thing that has helped us in our long-term caregiving is learning that we can get some respite care through Medicaid so we can take time off and not spend an exorbitant amount of money paying for someone to come in and stay with Laura. I was very thankful for the round the clock care for Laura was able to get while I was doing other things. So, please tell everyone about this. It is so needed for people like me.”

Lee Buxton, Gig Harbor